Thursday, February 4, 2010

They've done it!

Brothers Alex and Peng Foong have done it! They were crowned champions of the golf event, together with the other members of the combined gospel hall team for the Inter-denomination games, held yesterday. Playing with the bare minimum of 16 players (we did not have any reserves), the members played well to lift the gold and we are told that Peng Foong played exceptionally well! Our heartiest congratulations to the pair who took the time to participate in this event and at their own cost too!

We still have the opportunity of lifting the Overall Champions trophy if we win the volleyball event. So, we look to the volleyball team as they fly the Orange flag this Saturday, 6th February 2010, at the finals. Come and show your support and have a fun time of fellowship with the other members of God's family as we are all one in the Kingdom of God.

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