Monday, December 7, 2009

The Young Ones

On 15 November 2009, the Sunrise Kids had their annual year-end Prize Giving and Graduation ceremony. They shone on the stage with a short skit entitled The Man, where the little ones dressed up as plants and animals and the older ones played worldly characters.

Aren't they cute?

The Sunrise Kids bids adieu to four 12-year-olds who graduate into the Youth next year, and they each gave a testimony of how the Sunrise Kids has taught and encouraged them to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Later that evening, 14 members of the church, most of them from the Youth, took to the waters of baptism. Each of them gave personal testimonies, one of which was so touching it brought tears to this author’s eyes, of how the Lord has led them to take this step. As there were so many candidates this time round, we needed 2 deacons and one elder to baptise them all!

The fourteen who answered the call to be baptised

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